The Art, Science and Know How of Medical Writing

The prospects of medical writing as a career has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Medical writing has emerged as an attractive career option and the demand for competent medical writers is growing steadily in pharmaceutical and healthcare communication sectors. The global market for medical writing is hugely driven by increasing research and development activities in healthcare sectors coupled with the growing demand for medical writing worldwide.

Constant developments and innovations in medicine and health care, necessitates effective communication about the research findings, products, devices, and services. Medical writers are involved in detailing, documenting, and sharing relevant information and news about all recent updates in the field. The roles and opportunities for medical writers are always evolving, and can involve crafting peer?reviewed articles reporting on clinical trials and significant scientific research, marketing cutting?edge devices, educating health care professionals or the general public about new treatments, or writing grant proposals to fund innovative research.

In addition to the technical skills and domain knowledge that is required to be a medical writer, a significant prerequisite is the passion and drive for writing. Medical writers should ideally have an interest and flair for both science and writing. A thorough and in-depth understanding of the subject coupled with excellent communication skills are of paramount importance to become a good medical writer. This is irrespective of the fact whether one is a writer with an interest in medicine or health care professional or a scientist with an interest in writing.

A competent medical writer is able to effectively communicate composite data and concepts in a clear, brief, plausible, and convincing manner. The challenge lies in the necessity of having a clear perspective about the content and the respective audience. Another concern includes awareness about the involvement of both science and art, and business and academic-related ethical issues like plagiarism and copy rights. 

One notable observation is that over the decades, writing has become more and more precise. The need for this “lean and mean” writing arises from the large volumes of scientific research being conducted globally. The quantum of literature is so much that reviewers strongly believe that studying even selected and relevant literature is extremely challenging. Keeping this perspective in mind, there is a lot of focus on downsizing the medical documents, which could be attractive enough to be leveraged for scientific publications as well. 

Medical writing is accomplished in diverse formats, including traditional print publications to electronic publications, multimedia presentations, videos, podcasts, website content, and social media sites. Writers work in association with doctors, scientists, and other subject matter experts to create content that describe research results, product use, and other medical information. It is also imperative that medical writers ensure that documents comply with regulatory norms, publication, or other guidelines in terms of content, format, and structure. Medical writers are also key players in developing applications for mobile devices, conception and design, data analysis and interpretation, as well as drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content.

Take the leap!

While pursuing a successful career, medical writers actively contribute to dissemination of scientific knowledge and information through the power of communication. Equipped with a thorough understanding of the role of medical communicator and available opportunities, individuals with a passion for writing and science can excel in this interesting and ever?changing field of medical communication.

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