Caring for patients through education and empowerment

In the current times, patients are often turn to google for seeking more information about their disease conditions. Although access to information may be very simple in today’s date, their relevance and authenticity from a medical stand point remains questionable. At Scientimed solutions, we have an expert team of doctors, pharmacists and professional academic writers who develop medically authentic, lucid and patient friendly content. Our team of experienced designers design the contents in an attractive and easy to read manner.

Patient awareness campaigns offer a plethora of advantages to healthcare industries such as increasing patient satisfaction with their care and increasing adherence to medication and treatments by making them better informed. Patient awareness campaigns remain an effective choice to spread awareness about the health conditions, its prevention and the treatments that can be undertaken with the added advantage of increased patient compliance and adherence. Some of our key offerings from a patient stand point are : informative leaflets, patient detailers, posters, risk assessment tools, patient testimonials, bulk SMS, WhatsApp engagement, radio & television campaigns, call centre set up, chatbots, and gamification. The information provided is carefully curated and regionalized into respective languages and formats for effective consumption by patients & care givers.

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