Publishing high quality scientific research is an important means to drive healthcare ahead

Scientimed offers authoring and publishing support for authors representing academic, medical device, pharmaceutical industries and evidence-based policymakers. A research paper needs to be published or disseminated for it to become a part of the body of knowledge in its field of study. Only when it is published, can a paper be deemed authentic within the scientific community. However, getting it published in a peer-reviewed journal is hard work, as demands one’s labour, time, and effort as writing.

The manuscript needs to align to the guidelines specified by the targeted high impact journal. Our services include end to end planning, authoring, coordination, execution and publishing of the manuscript in a targeted high impact journal. At Scientimed, we specialize in translating scientific writing to a publishable manuscript. We guide & assist you through the entire life cycle for academic, scientific, and medical publication content.

  • We offer a team of professionals and editors, medical writers, quality check professionals, publishing experts to offer end-to-end support from manuscript selection to citation booster.
  • We assist in publishing your manuscript in peer-reviewed journals, develop illustrations, create, video presentations, case studies, and scenario-based learning.
  • We ensure that the content is structured as recommended by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).
  • We select, review, prepare, submit your manuscript and respond to editorial comments.

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