Optimize & amplify your digital connect with your customers with the effectiveness of Team Scientimed.

Scientimed platform enables you to engage with your audience with polls, live chat and other interactive tools. Our team of medical writers, managers and IT professionals help with end-to-end implementation of the webinar. The live webcast enhances audience engagement by allowing attendees to interact with presenters via live Q&A, polling and social media feed and other interactive tools. Our technology solutions also provide with intelligent data analytics of the participants.

The range of solutions we offer via webinars are as follows : Virtual advisory board meetings, online lectures & Symposia, panel discussions, courses, surgical workshops, case based learnings, international speaker programs and one on one doctor connect programs. With its strength in medical content and a robust network of Indian and International experts, Scientimed is best positioned to offer end to end solutions with regards to webinars. Team Scientimed supports right from conceptualizing these programs to planning the content and faculty based on the desired objectives one intends to achieve to seamlessly executing these programs and providing meaningful data analytics.

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