Continued Learning ....... Continued Care

Scientimed solutions brings continued medical education for physicians that serve to maintain, develop, and enhance their knowledge, skills, and professional performance thus enabling them to provide the right care. Extending extraordinary care requires uncompromising excellence, commitment to uplifting the community and passion to provide the most advanced therapy. Continued medical education (CME) is known to enhance knowledge, attitudes, skills, behaviours and clinical outcomes.

  • 79% of the studies showed enhanced knowledge
  • 785% of studies showed improved attitudes
  • 70% of the studies showed good development of skills
  • 758% of the studies emphasized on upgraded practice behaviour
  • 742% studies manifested clinical practice outcomes

Universal Academy of Continuing Medical Education (UACME) is an exclusive platform which provides CME & CPD programs for health professionals. To make these initiatives effective and useful, learning solutions are planned after thoroughly studying the prevailing need gaps in clinical practice and validating them by primary and secondary research. Most of our initiatives are accredited / endorsed by leading Indian and global medical institutions. These influence the attendees by providing information relevant to their practice and thus helping physicians to apply the new competencies in their practice.

CME’s include educational and certification programs, webcasts, webinars, learning modules, live interactions, text-based CMEs, Courses, Surgical workshops, guidelines for physicians etc. They also include programs created in different languages according to customer needs, engaging renowned speakers and offering authentic certification. UACME enhances clinical outcomes and quality of patient care by offering up-to-date evidence and clinically relevant information based on experience of clinicians.

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