Break those Norms......Set new Records!

Scientimed Solutions supports to accomplish one of the most globally acknowledged record-breaking achievements, the ‘Guinness World Records’! Scientimed Solutions takes pride in providing full support for attempting and achieving a Guinness World Record (GWR) successfully. We have a 100% success track record when it comes to GWR – Two successful attempts of creating history for our customers.

  • Most pledges received for a health campaign (30th July, 2016)
  • Longest Awareness ribbon (9th January, 2020)

We provide end-to-end support for every tiny little step. We enable you to achieve the desired title by:

  1. Shortlisting the title to target or applying for new titles that can be relevant
  2. End-to-end planning and complete execution of the record attempt
  3. Robust coordination with all stakeholders of GWR, customers and associates
  4. Creating and driving a campaign
  5. Completing an attempt and receiving the Achiever’s certificate
  6. PR and promotional activities.

Setting a new record would enable you to educate, update and inspire many people with regards to any health-related, scientific or creative initiative you have in mind. It gives you a new dimension of communication to reach out to your target group and enables purposeful spreading of awareness to bring about positive changes overall. You can achieve brand recognition on a global scale, increase your brand’s PR and attain high international repute.

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